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18th Feb 2021
Let's rock the local Taiwan routes

We are now connected with FET(AS4780). Along with HiNet(AS3462), this should be helping us to serve local taiwan local better than ever.

2nd Oct 2020
Port Upgrade

Our connection with NTT(AS2914) in Taipei, Taiwan has been upgraded from 1Gig to 10Gig. Bigger capacity, better quality.

13th Jan 2016
VPS Node Update

[english]We will update all of our VPS Node due security issue popup against QEMU binary. This maintenance will be begin on 15th January 2016 - 06:00am until 09:00am(GMT+8) and your VPS will be shutdown during this maintenance period, network remain same and your VPS and IP Address also remain same.We are deeply sorry for all of this caused ...

28th Jul 2014
Germany node maintenance


We will have a maintenance on our germany node. This is due to BBU error and we have to change it. Maintenance will be start from 2014 July 29th 10am(GMT+1/Germany Time) until 11am (GMT+1/Germany Time). We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and trust with us.

Have a nide day.

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